Wednesday, June 4, 2014

june fourth

Five for June 4th:

Tent test. Finally got in a trial-run backward setup of our new tent last night. Always good to work out any kinks ahead of time. The verdict: way bigger than our last one, with plenty of room for Jane’s pack & play and a queen size air mattress, and tall enough to stand in. Upcoming camping trip will be that much better.

El Gordo’s Revenge. Dug up a CD of the entire Action Packed session, which features two songs that didn’t make the record. Fun stuff. It’d be cool to mix them properly and put them online for free. They’re way better than I remember them.

Catching up. Had separate- and weirdly coincidental text message conversations this morning with three old friends I hardly ever talk to anymore, including the inimitable Craig Anarchy, who is one of the best dudes ever.

Cool stuff. The Assault Video, walking to SoHa for dinner with Jane and Lisa, STL Ikea, abandoned American cities, Mushuganas Aimed Wrong, Rolling Rock in cans, Thrasher sticker sheet.

Tonight. Heading to Fubar to see the Bureau do a reunion gig. One of my favorite STL bands that I didn’t discover till it was almost too late. Be there.

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