Tuesday, June 17, 2014

june seventeenth

Five for June 17th:

Night moves. Yesterday evening included carne asada, a walk to the park, putting Janey to bed, a quick 40 minute solo sesh at JB as the sun went down, and a couple of episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia before calling it a night. Not bad for a Monday.

Ancient Earth. Some Harvard scientists believe there is an ancient Earth hidden inside the Earth. Sorry guys, but I'm fairly certain that HP Lovecraft and his team at Miskatonic University already made this discovery sometime in the early 30's.

Playing drums. One thing I miss about being in a band is playing actual, loud drums. Electronic drums are fun and definitely give me my fix, but man. I just want to bash some real shit. It’s been too long.

Cool stuff. Blueberry toaster waffles, Nude Bowl Return, Powell Peralta “casket” deck (with some rad new VCJ artwork), arugala.

Clickhole. The Onion continues to be the best thing on the Internet with their new Buzzfeed/clickbait parody site. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.

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