Friday, June 6, 2014

june sixth

Five for June 6th:

Campcellation. Our planned camping trip to Eureka Springs this weekend has been postponed due to a 100% chance of rain both days with potential for flash flooding. Definitely a bummer, but hopefully we can revisit the idea later in the summer.

Dusk sesh. Skating in the evening is the best: small crowds, not getting baked by the sun, and, since she’s already asleep, I don’t feel like I’m missing any crucial Jane time. JB last night was a total win. Mild temperatures, good dudes, and slick coping.

X-Games. It's foolish to actually waste time thinking about stuff like this, but still; seeing all these photos and insta-videos of these huge, perfect X-Games ramps adorned with scoreboards and glistening Ford and Navy banners never fails to bum me out. It just doesn’t get any lamer than that.

Cool stuff. Almond milk tea with boba, Gulf Wax, new Indys are killing it, President Obama was Right, lunch at Seoul Taco with Seth, Iron Maiden 12 Wasted Years on Youtube.

Friday. What’s happening this weekend? With the camping trip out the window, the sky’s the limit. Weather permitting: parks, public pools, skateboarding, lawn care. Who knows? Seeya out there.

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