Tuesday, June 3, 2014

june third

Five for June 3rd:

Everyday Tyson. After a week of not posting anything, I threw some new stuff up there yesterday and have a few more cooking. Not something that will be happening daily but I’ll keep it going as long as people keep digging it.

Assault video. Assault skateboards, of course. New video premiers tomorrow on Lowcard and features a ton of heavy hitters including the one and only Donger of H-Street fame. Can’t wait to see it.

Star Warts. Nothing quite illustrates how fully lame the Star Wars franchise became over the last decade plus than all of these reports from people shitting themselves because they're apparently using actual props and sets for this film and not just green-screening everything.

Cool stuff. Jenkem Mark McKee interview, new Neil Hendrix vert part, lunch with Tom at Ranchito, morning curb sesh, the Godzilla of Earths, new (used) Maiden Piece of Mind shirt.

Water baby. Jane has been on a huge water kick right now, which is perfect given the temperatures outside. Her wading pool has been in heavy use for the last few days, and she has enjoyed a couple of trips to the splash fountain at Tower Grove Park.

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