Thursday, June 12, 2014

june twelfth

Five for June 12th:

Reissues. Word on the street is the Claus Grabke “Exploding Clock” deck is on its way to the reissue world. Definitely getting one- providing, of course, this isn’t some BS run of 250 decks that sells out in 15 seconds. One of the best graphics and shapes ever.

Dentist. After two plus years- and more coffee and junk food than I can even remember- I went in expecting the worst. However, all was well: no cavities, and the cleaning was relatively painless. Still have to make an appointment to get my upper wisdom teeth yanked, which is also long overdue, but aside from that, the chompers are good.

Waterfallin’. Stopping on Thursday mornings to check out the waterfall in Forest Park is quickly becoming an awesome tradition- one that I will gladly continue for as long as Jane wants to.

Cool stuff. Midday Loop cruising, French toast for dinner, urban wildlife photography, Cold Slither, Maiden England 2012 tour shirt, Skate Vietnam.

Moving on up. In addition to Seth now sitting next to me in the sales department, just found out another good friend got a promotion to a better gig here as well. It’s cool to see good people getting opportunities to move up the ladder.

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