Friday, June 20, 2014

june twentieth

Five for June 20th:

The joys of home ownership. $259 and less than ten minutes worth of labor later, our bathroom shower drain is finally working like it should be. It has been getting progressively worse, to the point that it was taking 15 minutes to drain out after a shower. Well worth it.

Old school Clifton Heights. Lisa, in a meeting yesterday with a guy who grew up in our neighborhood in the 70s, confirmed my long-held suspicion that this small house on our street was once a business. It was apparently a little mom and pop grocery store back then. Too bad it isn't anymore.

Santa Cruz. The rumors were true: the Claus Grabke “Exploding Clock” deck will indeed be coming out in late fall, along with the Jeff Kendall “Atom Man” and the Bod Boyle “Sick Cat”. Pretty killer.

Cool stuff. GTAV progress, Bruce Dickinson interview, 12-pack of Ski at work, new issue of The Skateboard Mag, Chris Russell On the Spot video, Janey ruling the playground.

Weekend madness. Drinks at Crow’s Nest with Scott tonight, JB sesh for Go Skateboarding Day tomorrow morning followed by a wedding in the evening, hanging out with Jane, mowing the lawn, and whatever else comes along.

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