Wednesday, July 30, 2014

july thirtieth

Five for July 30th:

Old bones. After two days and 25-odd miles on the bike, topped off by a two-hour ramp session at Ramp Riders last night, I had to pass on riding today. Much as I wanted to, I just need to give my legs a day off.

Street Justice. Spent the better part of the morning contacting various news organizations about this story. This piece of shit needs to be taken to task immediately. I suggest you follow suit.

Ranchito. T-minus 1 hour till endless chips and enchiladas a’plenty.

Cool stuff. Real “Watermelon Stinger” and Assault “Smelly Curb” decks in an upcoming Josh order, Skeletor billboard, Public Domain, grande coffee, morning drums, giant pan of corn bread.

Janezilla. You haven’t seen cranky until you’ve seen my kid at 6:30 pm after only napping for an hour that day.

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