Thursday, August 14, 2014

august fourteenth

Five for August 14th:

Skating rules. Super fun session at Westhoff Park yesterday evening (first time there) followed by some curb skating and then the Birdhouse demo at Plan Nine, where I got to meet some legends and see some next-level ripping.

Local music vids. Middle Class Fashion released their video for “Wanted” on Tuesday, and Sleepy Kitty dropped their “Don’t You Start” video yesterday via NPR. I have some pretty talented friends.

Cementland. The late, great Bob Cassilly’s unfinished cement playground masterpiece is rotting away on the north side. Here are tons of photos as it sits today.

Cool stuff. Taking Janey to the playground, SNFU on Spotify, awesome neighbors, BLTs, Epicly Later’d, Bryan Sutter RFT cover.

Ferguson. I try to keep this blog pretty light-hearted and don’t like to descend into the negative/too-serious, but the situation in Ferguson is so fucked that it can’t be ignored. Who polices corrupt pigs? Is this what we’re stuck with, post-Patriot Act? If so, get me the hell out of here.

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