Monday, August 4, 2014

august fourth

Five for August 4th:

Movie night. We weren’t sure if there would be ten people or a hundred, but at the end of the night more than 250 people showed up for the first ever Clifton Park movie night on Saturday. Beyond proud of (and inspired by) Lisa for the amount of work she put into making this event happen and be successful beyond anyone’s expectations.

Backyardage. A small patch of our property on the east side of our yard- where just last week stood a tangled thicket of trees, weeds, and overgrowth- has now been completely cleared, weeded, bagged, and mulched over. As a bonus, Jane can now see the neighbors’ chicken coop.

Soulard Coffee Garden. Awesome coffee (obviously) and killer eggs benedict. That place needs to get back on our normal breakfast radar again. Plus, one of the best patios in the city for outdoor dining.

Cool stuff. Sara and Bob in town, found a pair of lost sunglasses, Iron Maiden bootleg deck, new pair of rails, fresh contacts, getting my bathroom back, playing with Jane at the park, Saturday skate session at JB, Stay Gold.

Seth and Lindsay. Congrats to my good friend, ex-bandmate, and current co-worker on tying the knot last week. Chili potluck at work today to celebrate.

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