Thursday, August 7, 2014

august seventh

Five for August 7th:

Best of the Beast. All Maiden, all day in honor of Bruce Dickinson’s birthday. In fairness, I was probably going to do that anyway.

Weird Al Super Bowl halftime petition. Where do I sign? And can I do it more than once?

Sticker haul. Swung by Future Sk8 yesterday to pick up some free STL Skate Cartel stickers, and walked out with a pile of Thrasher, Independent, and Dogtown decals on top of it. So it goes.

Cool stuff. Bake & Destroy, 7 reasons the world isn’t totally screwed, Major League on Netflix, GTA IV revisited, the phenomenon of eggs on burgers, tattoo ideas.

Seafood. Last night was crab legs and cheesy biscuits; courtesy of two gift cards we had sitting collecting dust for a year. Naturally, Jane could not get enough of the lobster tank and we had to take her back for multiple views.

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