Wednesday, August 20, 2014

august twentieth

Five for August 20th:

Billy Bragg at Royale. Rumors started swirling mid-day yesterday that Billy Bragg would be playing a free, impromptu acoustic patio show that evening at Royale to show solidarity with Ferguson and bring in food donations. It happened.

Deck demolition and reconstruction. Saws, drills, and crowbars at the ready. It’s starting this weekend, weather and back-pain permitting.

I’m Hepp. Precious little of this legendary STL cable access political call-in show- which basically served as a prank-call outlet for high school kids- has been archived online, but some of it has made its way to Youtube. Highly recommended.

Cool stuff. Glen Friedman 9 powerful lessons punk rock teaches you, SCS 2014 fall catalog, citizen journalism, Ban This, Red Hot Riplets.

Birdhouse tour video. Footage of the Birdhouse crew skating Kingshighway DIY and Plan Nine begins around 3:50, but the whole video is worth a watch.

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