Wednesday, August 27, 2014

august twenty-seventh

Five for August 27th:

O Brother. It was a year ago yesterday that Josh left STL for the Pacific Northwest. Much as I miss the dude, I’m proud of him for deciding to stick it out there despite some pretty heavy-duty setbacks out of the gate. Lesser men would have crawled back licking their wounds, but he soldiered through and made it work

Two-dollar Tuesday. $2 burgers at SoHa followed by a trip to the playground in Clifton Park was a good way to shut down an otherwise uneventful Tuesday.

Time out for fun. Labor day weekend in three days, Gulf Shores in a few weeks. Both cannot come soon enough.

Cool stuff. Jason Jessee Neptune reissue deck plus Jokers Skate Shop stickers, Disposable revisited, dishwasher is fixed, lunchtime roll-around.

Californee way. Events like the Pure Fun zine release party featuring Johnny Rad and attended by- at least- Mike Vallely, Neil Blender, Lance Mountain, Steve Alba, and Corey Miller make me want to pack up everything I own and head west, Beverly Hillbillies-style. Alas.

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