Friday, February 27, 2015

february twenty-seventh

Five for February 27th:

Fish fry. First one of the season is happening tonight. Thankfully Lisa’s mom and step dad will be coming along to help wrangle Jane.

Net Neutrality. "The action that we take today is an irrefutable reflection of the principle that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet.” -FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Rick Moliterno. Awesome series of behind the scenes videos with the BMX legend and owner of Standard are up on ESPN. Apparently Rick was at Ramp Riders a couple of weeks ago and I totally missed it! I must be slipping in my advanced age.

Cool stuff. Lunch with Lisa, popcorn Friday, nine days till DST, buying presents for Jane, homemade soup, Freestlyin’ USA on Youtube, the NHS pile.

Weekendery. Bunch of snow and nastiness in the forecast, so who knows what we’ll end up doing. Potential trips to the Discovery Room, Ramp Riders, and Southwest Diner are certainly possible, but at this point the whole thing is up in the air.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

february twenty-sixth

Five for February 26th:

Snow. Woke up to a nice dusting of powdery snow on the ground this morning. Enough for a post-work sledding session with Jane at the park? We shall see.

The Skateboard Mag. Officially tossed the subscription renewal offer card in the trash. I always figured if I stopped subscribing to one of the big 3 skate magazines, TWS would be the first to get the boot. However, the new art/lifestyle/coffee table book direction of TSM is such a weak travesty that I almost feel like I’m doing them a favor.

Spring. We’re three weeks away from the beginning of spring and ten days out from the start of DST. The goal line is in sight.

Cool stuff. Vintage Vision team rider newsletter, strawberries & cream oatmeal, The Private Photo Shoot that Sparked a War Inside Van Halen, death metal Mary Poppins, Sleepy Kitty at Old Rock House, lollipop toasts with Jane.

All This Mayhem. The Ben and Tas Pappas documentary is now on Netflix instant, and is awesome. Highly recommended viewing.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

february twenty-fifth

Five for February 25th:

Tom’s wedding. Stoked to be asked to be part of the official entourage in April. Is "groomsman" still a term people use? Whatever the case, looks like I need to get a new suit.

New addition. Sara and Bob had their kid yesterday, at long last. Congrats, and welcome to parenthood. It’s good stuff.

Afternoon cruise. Found a dry spot of pavement amongst the melting ice in the Loop to roll around for a bit yesterday afternoon. Felt rad, despite the chilly-ish wind.

Cool stuff. Silver Ballroom RFT article, homemade oatmeal, Blockhead Adventures in Cheese video, couch time with Janey, clearing photos, lunch with Tom, Aldibrau.

Toy show. Next weekend. Checking it out with Greg for the first time in at least a year, followed up by some potential flatland riding if the weather cooperates.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

february twenty-fourth

Five for February 24th:

Potluck. Taco Tuesday at work today. Giant simmering crock-pots, bags of chips and other assorted goodies are sitting mere feet from my desk. Resistance is futile.

Bathroom space heater. If you don’t have one at the ready, you’re selling yourself short.

Dumpster rescue. Another BMX score yesterday, this time in the form of a complete 1986 Huffy Freestyle Pro. Aside from this, there’s almost no info online about this bike- looks like it was only around for a year or so before they brought out the much more common Huffy Expert. Should make a fun spring project.

Cool stuff. 40 degree high, It’s Always Sunny cast on Conan, afternoon cruising, melting snow, Revolution season 2, clean laundry.

Tuesday soundtrack. Fugazi, Run DMC, the Cramps, Black Sabbath, Shadows Fall, Motorhead, the Ramones.

Monday, February 23, 2015

february twenty-third

Five for February 23rd:

Weekend weather. Turned out to be a lot less dire than I was thinking it would be- it was so sunny and mild on Saturday that I actually ended up sitting outside for a bit.

George Powell documentary. Stacy Peralta made a short film about Skate One, starring George Powell. Super awesome to check out the inner workings of one of my all time favorite companies.

5000 photos. Somehow hit the big 5K mile marker on Instagram yesterday, with at least 2500 of those are pictures being of my daughter.

Cool stuff. Carmel cappuccino K-cups, short and sweet Ramp Riders solo sesh, two birthday parties with Jane, urban exploration videos, home tea parties.

Fish fry. First one of the season postponed due to crabby child and impending ice storm. Planning on number one for this coming Friday, even if I have to go pick it up and take it to go.

Friday, February 20, 2015

february twentieth

Five for February 20th:

February. Only one week remaining of my least favorite month of the year. Started out pretty nice, but in true February fashion, that didn’t last long. Good riddance.

Spring plans. Stain the back deck, prep my bike for riding season, get the driveway sealed, clean out the basement.

Death of Post Office trails. Good (and disheartening) video edit detailing the last days of some bike jumps that were around for almost 15 years and influenced a generation of riders.

Cool stuff. Cardinals spring training starts, getting paid, Ranchito chicken soup, setting up the Welcome, Sparta on Spotify, Porkchop BMX, mornings with Jane.

Weekend. A wintry mix in the forecast means a likely mellow weekend. Fish fry tonight, possible skating tomorrow, Henry’s birthday party, snowboarding at CHP, and whatever else. Stay warm.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

february nineteenth

Five for February 19th:

Last night. Laziness ruled supreme, and rather than brave the cold and skate or run, I sat on my ass and watched Walking Dead. It’s hard to get motivated to do anything when the windchill outside is –10.

Upcoming shows. Anvil at Fubar, Sleepy Kitty at Old Rock House, Jonathan Richman at Off Broadway, Torche at Firebird. Bring the noise.

The Trooper. Maiden camp announced earlier today that Bruce Dickinson is apparently undergoing cancer treatment. The prognosis, thankfully, looks very good, and a full recovery is expected.

Cool stuff. Jane’s mailbox, more CWE development, the women’s bathroom at last night’s Rush concert, snow cupcakes, Bondi bowl footage, Huffy Freestyle Pro.

Five things. Some days, sheer lack of action makes it tough to come up with five things to write about. Taking a mulligan on this one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

february eighteenth

Five for February 18th:

Get the blood flowing. Wednesday night session coming together for tonight at Ramp Riders, but may opt to go to the gym instead. Been feeling especially slothy lately, and I think a few miles of running might be time better spent. Either way, time to get moving.

Gaming the system. A serendipitous (and inadvertent) combination of daily specials, freebie coupons, and Wash U employee discounts led to Lisa and I achieving a perfect score at lunch yesterday- a flawless victory that shall likely never be repeated.

Frozen. Fitting that Jane is now super into this movie as we’re getting into a solid week or more of sub-zero real life temperatures.

Cool stuff. Twelve weeks till my son is born, six years of the Firebird, Belvita breakfast cookies, midtown Ikea progress, Skate Warehouse daily dose, gelato.

Restocked. We somehow committed the unforgivable offense of running out of coffee at home yesterday morning, which needless to say was not an acceptable start to the day. It won’t happen again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

february seventeenth

Five for February 17th:

Sledding. Hit the slopes of Clifton Park with Jane for the first time ever yesterday evening. She had a total blast, of course, and we tackled the hill 7 or 8 times before cold temperatures and sopping wet clothing forced our hand.

Nerdistry. This guy shredding the soundtrack (and sound effects) to three levels of Super Mario Brothers on violin made my day.

eBay watch. It finally returns after months of dormancy. I figured this feature was a goner, but from the looks of it it’ll be starting back up again full force.

Cool stuff. 1031 Bill Danforth, BBQ with Lisa, Space Jam dunk, going to the gym, watching Garfield with Jane, fur-lined hat, waterproof gloves, AWD.

Tuesday soundtrack. New Torche, Thin Lizzy, Minibosses, Misfits, Justice, Marked Men, Rodriguez.

Monday, February 16, 2015

february sixteenth

Five for February 16th:

First snow. Shoveled the new driveway for the first time this morning, and it was like butter compared to fighting through that old, cracked mess we had before. Got the whole thing done in record time.

High readability. Rare glimpse inside Mississippi River water intake towers, 30 Stunning Vintage Photographs of St. Louis Streets in the Early 20th Century, ‘The Crusades Were Great, Actually!’, Is it time to re-evaluate Ringo Starr?, 100 Years Later, Antarctic Explorers' Huts Look Frozen in Time.

V-day. Jane had a blast collecting (and subsequently playing with) valentines from her classmates, and we celebrated with a romantic dinner of fish tacos and falling asleep on the couch. Bam.

Cool stuff. Welcome Nolan Johnson, new snow shovel, fun ramp riders Sunday sesh, Mercs at Tap Room, America Unearthed, Jane's first ice cream cone.

Tonight. Hopefully taking the kid to the park for some saucer-sledding after work, if she’s up for it. I was beginning to think we’d never be able to use that thing. If nothing else, maybe I’ll break out the snowboard and conquer some hills, solo-style.

Friday, February 13, 2015

february thirteenth

Five for February 13th:

Last night. Short but sweet session at Ramp Riders. Wasn’t feeling super great so I bailed after an hour and a half, but not before witnessing Chris crushing it as always, and getting a few lines in myself.

On the mend. A week of nastiness and a whole box of Kleenex later, I’m finally starting to feel better. Breathing through the nose is a wonderful feeling.

Valentine’s Day. In addition to her teacher and all the kids in her class, Jane wished a happy valentine’s day to her balloon, the butterfly sculpture in the park, and the statue at the top of Art Hill. She kills me.

Cool stuff. Friday the 13th, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, Pure Fun article preview, clearing pics off the iPhone, cheap Ergo baby carrier, new Powell Rib Bones colors.

Weekend action. Mercs at the Tap Room, drinks with Chad at Crow’s Nest, potential indoor skating, hanging with Janey, playing drums, drinking coffee, fiery scrambles, staying warm.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

februaty twelfth

Five for February 12th:

The Paxidils. Brian was cool enough to send me a zip file of all their recorded material, including their unreleased 7” recordings, and today will be spent listening to it.

STL Style nails it. "Imagine if we put as much effort into rebuilding this city as we do into keeping the Rams."

Better Off Dead cast reunion. Cool pics of the 30-year anniversary table reading. I guess John Cusack convinced himself he had better things to do?

Cool stuff. All 141 SNL cast members ranked, listening to records with Jane, Ramp Riders session tonight, Amy’s enchiladas.

Fish fry season. A mere six days away from one of my favorite times of the year. Several weeks of fried fish, mac n’ cheese, and cheap beer to usher in the (almost) end of winter.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

february eleventh

Five for February 11th:

Jon Stewart. True story: I remember when Craig Kilborn left the Daily Show and they announced Jon Stewart as his replacement, thinking there was no way the show would ever be as funny as it was with Kilborn. Needless to say I was incorrect. There may be no one in the entertainment world more worthy of the title of “irreplaceable” than Jon Stewart.

Decluttered. Threw out tons of useless crap that had been piling up in my office over the years- old music magazines, irrelevant paperwork, catalogs, etc- and am digging the newfound feng shui.

Still sick. Last night was as congested as I have ever been in my life. Some cold pills and saline solution helped, but man. I’m ready for this to be over.

Cool stuff. Blowing bubbles for Jane, Chris Cole shredding a Real wrecking crew setup, cookies at work, remembering to buy tissues, free six-pack from Denise, lunch with Lisa.

Party’s over. Cold temperatures creeping in this afternoon and holding steady for the foreseeable future. Guess I was starting to forget it was winter.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

february tenth

Five for February 10th:

Abandonment issues. Jim Bakker’s Christian amusement park is now a post-apocalyptic ghost town.

Stackaly interview. Good read by one of my favorite instagrammers and an undisputed master of slappy style.

Breakfast partner. It’s hard not to have a good morning when you’re sitting across the table from this girl.

Cool stuff. Gay marriage in Alabama, work snack resupply, afternoon cruising, Chasing Shackleton, getting things scanned, blowout sections, Deer Man in LA.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Faction, Fugazi, Iron Maiden, the Sword, Gorilla Biscuits, fIREHOSE, Minutemen, Descendents.

Monday, February 9, 2015

february ninth

Five for February 9th:

Best (February) weekend ever. Driving around in short sleeves with the windows down in February? I’ll take it. Two days of near 70 degree temperatures for the win.

What goes around. Lisa and I are now both under the weather from a few solid days of taking care of Jane. I’ve inherited her cold, Lisa some of her other symptoms. Luckily, Jane is almost back to 100%.

Skateboarding. The crew was scattered all over the place over the weekend, which was a bit of a bummer, but I managed a couple of sunny afternoon sessions at JB nonetheless, probably getting something together at Ramp Riders this week.

Cool stuff. Backyard biking, drinks and drums with Scott, walking to Chris’ for Pancakes, 411VM, trip to Infinity, the return of The Walking Dead, cheap 1031 Bill Danforth on SCS, Bryce Kanights and the legendary Studio 43.

Spaceballs 2. Rumors are swirling about a sequel in the works, which is unfortunately about twenty-five years, two key character deaths (John Candy as Barf and Joan Rivers as Dot Matrix) and one retirement from acting (Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet) too late in my humble opinion.

Friday, February 6, 2015

february sixth

Five for February 6th:

Sick baby blues. Jane has been home sick the last couple of days, fighting off some sort of virus. She’s battling like a trooper, though. Hopefully we’re almost out of the woods. I did get straight-up puked on last night for the first time ever, which I feel is a real milestone along the path of fatherhood.

Hitting send. Fired off my article for Pure Fun this morning. Sometimes you’ve just got to stop revising and pull the trigger. I’m happy with how it turned out; hopefully the skate world will dig it as well.

Popsicles. Box of twenty Polar Pops in my fridge right now. Jane is just going to have to share.

Cool stuff. New issue of The Skateboard Mag, popcorn Friday, getting paid, lunch with Tom, spinach & artichoke soufflé, Grigley setup, American Restoration on Netflix, The Natas and Gonz Book.

Weekendery. Another springlike weekend coming up. Skate sesh at JB, hopefully the park with Jane a few times if she’s feeling better, drinks with Chad at Crow’s Nest before he moves to London, hanging out at Scott’s, going to the gym, backyard BBQ, raking leaves.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

february fifth

Five for February 5th

Clifton Park. It’s basically a postcard-worthy scenario 365 days a year from any angle or vantage point you can find.

The awful truth. As long we're living in a country wherein the majority of grown adults think that the earth was once populated by a man, a woman, and a talking snake, no one should be surprised by the beliefs of anti-vaxxers.

Elephant Skateboards. Still technically a brand, but Mike V boards are out of production, Kyle Berard has left, and Jason Adams is apparently riding for Welcome now. The end of an era that was entirely too short.

Cool stuff. Insane longboarding video, playing records with Jane, offstreet parking, Pontus Alv interview in TWS, H-Street Hokus Pokus on Youtube, new development on Bohemian Hill.

Five years. I started the “five things a day” on February 1, 2010 and have missed nary a day (save for weekends and vacations) since. It’s interesting to see how much things have changed since the days of looking at apartments with Lisa and spending entire weekends in a recording studio.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

february fourth

Five for February 4th

Whiplash. The weather this week is even weirder than usual, running the gamut from below freezing with potential snow to mid-50’s and sunny in the span of a few days. Luckily the latter falls on this coming weekend.

Splice. Probably not the best video-editing app for iPhone, but super simple and intuitive. The ability to film a bunch of clips, trim them down, edit them together, add music, and have a finished product in the span of minutes is awesome.

Skating. Lunchtime solo roll in the Loop yesterday followed by an awesome session at Ramp Riders with the old man crew, many of whom were throwing down like never before. Tuesday night FTW.

Cool stuff. Breakfast Blend K-cups, February photo dump, Godless Parents Are Doing a Better Job, The Mike V Show podcast, mushroom risotto.

That’s my girl. A video of Jane rattling off a list of people she’s going to poop on (including herself).

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

february third

Five for February 3rd:

Jane. The first thing she said to me when I went in her room this morning was “today is Henry’s birthday!” So, we called Henry upstairs, had imaginary chocolate cake and sang him happy birthday before she even got out of her crib. Having a kid rules.

Sweat breaking. A couple-of-miles run on the treadmill followed by an extra mile or so on the bike last night at the gym was just what the doctor ordered after a day of relative slothitude.

Progression. Many tweaks later, I think I’m pretty much finished with my article for the next issue of Pure Fun. Now I just need to get a bunch of stuff scanned and hit send on the thing. Stoked to (eventually) see the finished product.

Cool stuff. Jenkem Mag John Lucero interview, back up near the 50’s today, salmon, classic Vato Rat returns in 2015, analyzing AB’s anti-craft beer super bowl ad, lunch skating, possible Ramp Riders sesh tonight, Black Bear Bar.

Tuesday soundtrack. Early Man, Aerovons, the Black Hollies, JFA, Dag Nasty, the Cramps, Mushuganas, the Sword.

Monday, February 2, 2015

february second

Five for February 2nd:

Maiden Monday. All Maiden, all day on Spotify, starting with Maiden England ’88 and ending up wherever it stops at 5 pm today. Just one of those days.

Shipping out. My buddy Jason is moving off to Austin this week. We’ve had some good times and played a lot of good shows together. Met up for a proper pancake send-off with Seth and Andy over the weekend for one last round of coffee and shit-talking.

Dawn patrol. Got to JB early on Saturday and had the place to myself for an hour or so, which almost never happens. A little cool out, but no problem once the blood started flowing.

Cool stuff. Skateface by Mike Long, assault charges filed against Jeff Roorda, buffalo chicken dip, Bonus Brigade DVD, RV show six, making valentines with Jane, strawberry malt, the worm one.

Super Bowl. As is usually the case, the only football game I watched all year was the final one. Next to the epic 1999 Rams win over the Titans, this was the best one I’ve ever seen, especially since I didn’t care who won.