Friday, April 24, 2015

april twenty-fourth

Five for April 24th:

Trifling weather. What the hell happened to Spring? This cloudy, 50’s and 60’s stuff is sort of bumming me out. Bring on the heat.

Dad and Janey date. Grilled cheese sandwiches at Bread Company followed by ice cream at Mr. Wizards (which shall henceforth be called Mr. Lizard’s, per Jane). Gets no better than that.

Texas requiring cops to learn how to not shoot dogs. It's interesting, because, you know, I already know how to not shoot dogs. It's actually a relatively simple two-step process. Step one: don't pull out a gun and point it at a dog. Step two: don't pull the trigger. 37 years and not a single dog dead. I don't consider myself an anomaly.

Cool stuff. GTV on Youtube, bro lunch, yesterday afternoon boardslide session, Flight of the Conchords revisited, Ricky Gervais.

Weekend action. Possibly watching the Blues game somewhere tonight, BMX trails tomorrow morning, hanging out with family in town, playing with Jane, potential skate sesh at Ramp Riders, random house projects.

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