Wednesday, April 22, 2015

april twenty-second

Five for April 22nd:

Jane-mandated repairs. Blue plastic robot toy (arm superglued back on), novelty Florida alligator magnet (magnet superglued back on to alligator), Fancy Nancy cardboard fan (fan portion duct-taped back on to wooden handle).

Propeller. The new Vans skate video premier went down last night. I seriously can’t wait to see this, if just for the new Ray Barbee and Steve Caballero parts alone.

BMXing. Got in a half hour or so of riding last night before the sun went down. Highlights included crashing on a hang-five, popping some pretty big bunnyhops out of the ditch, and figuring out how to hand-tighten my loose axle (pro tip: lefty tighty, righty loosey).

Cool stuff. Jason Phelan rail backflip, French toast, sidewalk chalk, Taj Mahal lunch date with Lisa, 10 of the most inspiring slappys.

Record junkies. This article on insane record collections and the people who own them is a must-see. I’m not much of a music collector, but I understand the mentality. Drool-worthy stuff.

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