Thursday, April 23, 2015

april twenty-third

Five for April 23rd:

New contacts. There’s no feeling like popping in a fresh pair for the first time, especially after enduring the previous pair for quite a bit longer than you probably should have.

Blues. A solid 6-1 shellacking of Minnesota last night ties the series after a dismal game 3. Let’s put this baby to bed already.

Taj Mahal. We found out the hard way that apparently they are now closed for some arbitrary reason every Wednesday. What the hell? The curry noodles we ended up getting were good enough, but no substitute for tikka masala.

Cool stuff. Watching Jane's imagination grow in real time, Haunted ride-Costa Rica, in-depth article on St. Louis’ metal scene, Sean Malto Skate Free, getting the front yard mowed, Ferris Bueller righteous dude button set.

El Gordo’s Revenge. Nick Normal is in town, and the mother lode of Action Packed! records should soon be in my possession after almost 20 years of sitting in a south city attic. Who knows what kind of condition they’ll be in, but hopefully enough of them will be in good shape to sell/give away.

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