Tuesday, May 26, 2015

may twenty-sixth

Five for May 26th:

Long weekend. Highlights included a couple of skate sessions at JB, a few trips to some local parks with Janey, some various backyard hang-outs, and tons of awesome weather.

Still no baby. A couple of false alarms later, the wait continues to continue. I never thought I would be back at work today, but here we are.

RIP Cuisinart. My beloved coffee maker, which has dutifully brewed many thousands of pots of delicious coffee since I got it sometime back in 2007, finally died this weekend after a week or so of whimpering along, barely functioning. We had some good times together, old friend.

Cool stuff. Two sheets of griptape hookup from Future Sk8, new Mr. Coffee (see above), Chris’ mini ramp is officially under construction, new garden gnome from Aldi (which Jane named Lassie), yogurt popsicles, Taj Mahal to-go, Back to Basics.

Backyard plans. Clear the overgrowth against the back fence and between the houses, build a shed with additional seating area/fire pit on the side, build a raised bed along the back, re-mulch.

Friday, May 22, 2015

may twenty-second

Five for May 22nd:

Happy birthday Lisa. The happiest of birthdays to the most amazing person I know. Unquestionably the best wife, mother, and all-around person on the planet.

One year ago today. Jane was in her bracelet phase, we got pizza at Onesto, and I launched a marginally successful blog that I quickly lost interest in.

Ray Barbee. He’s finally on Instagram. And there was much rejoicing.

Cool stuff. Raspberry hibiscus tea, Jane’s first build-a-bear, I don’t want to grow up: the life and art of Jason Adams, Zack Gerber interview, morning curb crunch.

Weekend action. At this point we were pretty certain we’d have a new baby in the house, hence, weekend plans have not necessarily been made. If we have a baby this weekend, that’s what we’ll be doing. If not, who knows?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

may twenty-first

Five for May 21st:

No baby yet. At this point, there’s a very real chance that my as-yet unborn son and my wife could actually end up sharing a birthday (tomorrow), which I think is pretty awesome. Let’s do this thing.

Skate sesh. Mellow last-minute Ramp Riders jam with Andy and Rick last night. Cool outside weather made for ideal indoor temperatures, and the raging was in full force.

Time flies. Remember when Harold Camping predicted that three years ago today, Jesus Christ was going to return to earth to take the righteous to heaven and cast everyone else into a five-month nightmare of fire, brimstone, and plague, killing millions each day, and culminating in the final destruction of the planet on October 21? That shit was funny.

Cool stuff. Bagels at work, almond milk bubble tea, Agent Orange at the Demo, bee life time-lapse, get your wings, Ranchito with Tom.

St. Louis 1875. I still remember stumbling upon a tattered copy of Pictorial St. Louis at the library on Hampton years ago and just sitting there for hours looking at it. Now it is being turned into a 6000 square foot exhibit the history museum. I’m glad to see this getting the attention it very rightfully deserves.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

may twentieth

Five for May 20th:

Garbage Pail Kids. Where are they now? A funny and fascinating concept made real by some amazingly talented St. Louis artists and photographers. Hopefully they can get some more in before the inevitable cease and desist shows up in the mail.

Vaccinated. With nary a day (or so) to spare, I swung by the pharmacy for some needed pre-baby vaccinations last night. Nursing a sore arm this morning.

E-drums. The cymbal and snare on my electronic kit stopped working recently- but luckily, in addition to being an excellent audio engineer, Brian from Firebrand is also an electronics wizard, and thinks it’ll be an easy fix. Dropped ‘em off for repair last night along with requisite Coke and Snickers bar.

Cool stuff. New (Vans-centric) issue of The Skateboard Mag, Allroy Saves on the iPod, Forest Park waterfall is back on, spring evenings with hurricane Jane, putting Lars Ulrich’s face on things, afternoon curb sesh, sleeping with the windows open.

Riding to work. Bummed that I haven’t been able to take more advantage of bike commuting this spring, but with the baby due any day/minute lately, it’s just not worth the risk. Definitely going to pick it back up with a vengeance once Lisa is on maternity leave.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

may nineteenth

Five for May 19th:

Popsicle junkie. I fear I’m turning my kid into a fiend, but what can I say? She loves the ice cream truck, I love to see her smile.

Lend a hand. My good friends Jason and Kate are facing a pretty unimaginable and heartbreaking challenge with their new baby daughter. If you do nothing else today, consider giving some money to help them out.

Skating. Super fun solo nightfall session at JB yesterday evening. Essentially had the whole place to myself, stayed till it got dark, threw down some easy tricks and had a good time.

Cool stuff. Official baby due date is here, Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding: the Backside Air, DVD rip of the new Vans Propeller video, cinnamon toast, morning curbslides in the Loop, the hidden forest.

Tuesday soundtrack. Venom, Ted Leo, Led Zeppelin, Agent Orange, The Cramps, Tilts, Sub Society, ALL.

Monday, May 18, 2015

may eighteenth

Five for May 18th:

(Almost) go time. We’re in the home stretch, with Lisa’s official due date being tomorrow. By the end of this week, my life should look drastically different than it does right now. Still doesn’t seem real, but it’s about to be.

Clifton Heights puddle tour. Jane strapped on her rubber boots for a walk around the neighborhood with the goal of splashing in some puddles following a quick downpour yesterday morning- and to cap it off, I found a $5 bill on the ground. Everyone wins.

Mad Men. Somewhere around season five, real life got in the way of being able to follow this show, and I just sort of dropped it and never picked it back up. Seems like the consensus on the series finale was that it was a good one, which is motivating me to try to remember where I left off and finish it. Definitely one of the best shows in the history of television.

Cool stuff. Vans Pool Party 2015 footage, shave and a haircut, gelato at Di Riso, Ramp Riders skate session with Chris and Andy, good times at Mary and Keith’s engagement party.

Cassette tape art. I was never super into detailed design work when dubbing cassettes (which is sort of weird, thinking about it), but I can certainly appreciate the work that went into it.

Friday, May 15, 2015

may fifteenth

Five for May 15th:

The Who Live at Leeds. Tomorrow marks the 45th anniversary of the release of the greatest live album by any rock band in history (with the possible exception of Live After Death). Play it loud.

RIP BB. A lot of tributes pouring in for BB King today, but let us not overlook his best- and perhaps most enduring work.

Night brigade. Hit up the Deer Creek curbs for an evening skate session with Andy and Aaron last night. Total rager. Our new go-to spot, for sure.

Cool stuff. Mediterranean egg white sandwich, meeting Indy, getting paid, Neil Blender skateboarding hall of fame induction, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Assuming Lisa doesn’t go into labor: possibly working a bit at the office, Mary and Keith’s wedding party, Salad Days documentary at Webster, kicking it with Jane, whatever else creeps along.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

may fourteenth

Five for May 14th:

Customer service. Is there anyone left on earth that actually patiently follows automated prompts, and doesn't just bash "0" until an operator comes on the line?

Wednesday night FTW. Goofed around in the backyard with Jane, cut grass, dinner on the deck, quick solo sundown slappy session at Deer Creek, fruitless new messenger bag search, yogurt concretes to-go at Mr. Wizards.

Harry Shearer leaves The Simpsons. If they didn’t need to just put this miserable ghost of an awesome show out to pasture already (they did), they really, really do now. It’s over, fellas. Just let the thing die already.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp catalog, Matthias Dandois 2015 - Vans BMX, salmon BLT, College Student Confronts Jeb Bush: ‘Your Brother Created ISIS’, Iron Maiden Trooper beer window, Sara in STL.

Salad Days. This documentary looks completely killer and is screening this weekend at Webster. Anyone going?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

may thirteenth

Five for May 13th:

Janey. Luckily her fever was gone this morning, and a trip to the doctor determined that she just caught some sort of virus and it’s nothing to worry about. She’s pretty much back to normal at this point.

Hardcore architecture. This is the coolest shit ever. Some dude sifts through old issues of MRR from the 80's and posts pictures of the home addresses shown in bands’ record reviews using Google street view.

Bernie Sanders. Just so you have a clear picture, seven charts (sarcastically) show the socialist hellscape America would be under Bernie Sanders.

Cool stuff. Short evening solo sesh last night, Ramp Riders tonight, fruit smoothies, lunch date to 3 Kings with Lisa, SoCal Skateshop stickers.

Overtime. Working a few extra hours this week and weekend to help proof the 2016 catalog. May as well: we could use the money going into maternity leave, and it’ll be raining anyway.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

may twelfth

Five for May 12th:

Feeding frenzy. Two giant bags of bagels at this morning’s Remo meeting, followed by a pulled pork pot luck this afternoon and all manner of snacks in between.

Nude bowl revisited. The legendary Nude Bowl was recently dug out and fixed up after fifteen or so years of dormancy and has been getting heavily sessioned as of late. So awesome to see this place back in action.

Sick girl. Jane came down with a fever out of nowhere yesterday morning, and has spent the last day or so on the couch sucking down popsicles and alternating between viewings of Cinderella, Frozen, and Little Mermaid. Poor girl.

Cool stuff. JB dusk skating, Mark Mulville War Party video, new Psycho Stick, sunny skies, Skidmark Skate Mag app.

Tuesday soundtrack. Dave Brubeck, Iggy and the Stooges, Shame Club, Fugazi, Devo, John Coltrane, Interpol.

Monday, May 11, 2015

may eleventh

Five for May 11th:

Any day now. Lisa’s official due date is getting closer, but really we’re ready to go any time at this point. Cannot wait to meet the little dude.

Soulard Market. There’s no place in town more uniquely old-school St. Louis than Soulard. Took Janey there on Saturday for the first time since she was a baby, loaded up on cheap and awesome produce, had a cronut, and took in the sights.

Skating. Hit up MoFo with Jesse, Chris, Kenny and Brian for a couple hours yesterday, during a very welcomed dry spell between rainstorms. Hadn’t been there in awhile, and it’s a really fun spot when the crowd is small. Needless to say with that crew, much raging went down.

Cool stuff. Updated Splice app, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, 70-piece sticker haul, free prints from Shutterfly, Two of a Kind video, Super Squirrel, Tecate, fresh setup.

Mother’s day. Was lucky enough to get to spend it with my two favorite mothers, plus got some good brunch and dinner out of the deal. What more could you ask for?

Friday, May 8, 2015

may eighth

Five for May 8th:

The crew. Good times with Chuck, Deb and Steve last night. Old stories rehashed, drinks drank, laughed till faces hurt. As it should be.

Snowden’d. A federal appeals court in New York ruled on Thursday that the once-secret NSA program that is systematically collecting Americans’ phone records in bulk is illegal. Score one for those who still value actual freedom.

Things people are wrong about. Ween being a good band, Mindy Kaling being funny, cilantro being an acceptable ingredient in food.

Cool stuff. Vans Propeller on iTunes, Dr. John’s baby-goods hookup (thanks Steve), Mastodon on Spotify, morning coffee cruise, Taj Mahal lunch date with Lisa.

Weekend action. Pretty chill one coming up. Hitting the Zoo with Janey, some skating and/or bike riding, making the Mother’s Day rounds, mowing the lawn.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

may seventh

Five for May 7th:

The definition of clueless. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting where McDonald’s- a company concerned about their dwindling appeal and loss of market share- decided that the best thing to do to compete with the likes of Chipotle was to resurrect the fucking Hamburglar.

Backyardin’. Celebrated the return of our cleared driveway and newly-stained and useable deck with dinner outside followed by a Janey playmate with Manny, which succeeded in rendering her wholly exhausted at bedtime.

Skating rules. Met up with Andy and Rick at Deer Creek last night and skated curbs till well after the sun went down. Such an awesome spot- well lit, low traffic, no bust. The most fun I’ve had skating in a long time.

Cool stuff. New issue of Ride BMX in the mail, free D’Addario pen, Vernon’s with Seth and Tom, yogurt concretes at Mr. Lizard’s, freshly-vaccinated Schnoodle.

Tonight. Drinks at Bottleworks with a few of my old SLM partners in crime, all three of which I have seen barely if at all over span of the last three or four years. It’ll be cool to catch up.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

may sixth

Five for May 6th:

Wednesday night action. Setting the back deck back up, scarfing some food, taking Henry to the vet for a rabies shot, hitting up JB for quick dusk roll-around till it gets dark, potentially checking out Drag the River at Off Broadway.

Rad dads. Cool interview on Modern Day Dads with my buddy Brian. Our kids are almost the same age (and are also buddies) so much of what he says is very relatable- especially the line, “enjoy every moment. The time flies by even faster than people tell you.”

RFT Music awards. It’s nice to see so many friends bands nominated. Also cool to not have to personally fret about it as in years past. The showcase is in the Grove again this year, which should be boss.

Cool stuff. New Thrasher koozie and sticker stack from Future Sk8, Psycho Stick reissue, Encinitas Plaza session, Donald Trump’s hair discovered crawling in the Amazon, Pike Roast restock, homemade trail mix.

The Cardinals. We’re off to our best start in franchise history, are the first team in the majors to twenty wins, and hold a firm first place spot in the NL Central. I can dig it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

may fifth

Five for May 5th:

Crisis averted. Luckily, it appears yesterday morning’s spattering of rain did no damage to the recently-sealed deck. Cue massive sigh of relief.

JJ Abrams may kill off Jar Jar Binks. Definitely cool, but frankly I am not satisfied with just seeing some passive shot of his skull in the desert. At the very least, I want to see him violently devoured by a Rancor, and then his bones shat out into the desert sand as a bonus scene after the credits roll. May as well do it right.

This morning. Tuesday is off to a good start. Had a tea party followed by a Van Halen dance marathon with Jane, stopped off for some curb crushing on the way in to the office, and swiped some decent coffee.

Cool stuff. Vans BMX in Cape Town, amazing Cardinals comeback for the win, backyard shed plans, fall 2015 Santa Cruz reissues, the Hill burger.

Tuesday soundtrack. Van Halen, The Shrine, Death Angel, Besnard Lakes, Red Fang, Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy, Kiss.

Monday, May 4, 2015

may fourth

Five for May 4th:

Decked out. Spent the better part of the weekend cleaning and weatherproofing the deck, only to wake up this morning to rain. Thanks for absolutely nothing, Weather app. Fingers severely crossed that it got dry enough overnight not to do any damage.

Quality viewing. A Visibly Drunk Sarah Palin’s Incoherent Respose to Elizabeth Warren, Floyd Mayweather Punch-Out!, Twitter Reveals Inequity of Baltimore’s Curfew Enforcement.

Jane. Rediscovered the wonders of the wading pool this weekend, hit the swings at the playground like a pro, and had her first trip down the driveway to pick out some wares from the ice cream man.

Cool stuff. New issue of Thrasher, Assault Skateboards 2015 video, Nick Bruce flair windshield wiper, new pair of Vans, short and sweet sesh at JB, Notorious Cyril Killa, summer omelette.

Hell Night/Cathedral Fever split release. Saturday’s crushing show at Firebird left a trail of bloody eardrums and whiplashed necks strewn across the greater St. Louis area.

Friday, May 1, 2015

may first

Five for May 1st:

Into the breach. By the end of this month, my life will be completely different than it is right now- in ways I certainly can’t yet even conceptualize. I am looking forward to all of it.

Mousetrap. Some weird gnaw marks on a cashew bag and a few little brown specks on the floor of the pantry that looked like mouse turds made me suspicious that we perhaps had a rodent living in our house. Set a trap with no results for a week, but checked it this morning to find the little bastard officially nabbed.

Rad neighbors. Having awesome and trustworthy neighbors we can call on in a pinch to help us out is one of the best things about where we live, and something I try not to ever take for granted.

Cool stuff. Freddie Gray case ruled a homicide, officers will face murder charges, getting paid, blueberry oatmeal, (another) morning curb session, The Daily Show bids farewell to Samantha Bee, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Two days of beautiful weather means hanging out with my girls, staining the back deck, skateboarding with the old man crew, Hell Night split release show at Firebird, a possible trip to Cherokee Cinco de Mayo, and whatever else comes along.