Monday, May 18, 2015

may eighteenth

Five for May 18th:

(Almost) go time. We’re in the home stretch, with Lisa’s official due date being tomorrow. By the end of this week, my life should look drastically different than it does right now. Still doesn’t seem real, but it’s about to be.

Clifton Heights puddle tour. Jane strapped on her rubber boots for a walk around the neighborhood with the goal of splashing in some puddles following a quick downpour yesterday morning- and to cap it off, I found a $5 bill on the ground. Everyone wins.

Mad Men. Somewhere around season five, real life got in the way of being able to follow this show, and I just sort of dropped it and never picked it back up. Seems like the consensus on the series finale was that it was a good one, which is motivating me to try to remember where I left off and finish it. Definitely one of the best shows in the history of television.

Cool stuff. Vans Pool Party 2015 footage, shave and a haircut, gelato at Di Riso, Ramp Riders skate session with Chris and Andy, good times at Mary and Keith’s engagement party.

Cassette tape art. I was never super into detailed design work when dubbing cassettes (which is sort of weird, thinking about it), but I can certainly appreciate the work that went into it.

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