Monday, May 11, 2015

may eleventh

Five for May 11th:

Any day now. Lisa’s official due date is getting closer, but really we’re ready to go any time at this point. Cannot wait to meet the little dude.

Soulard Market. There’s no place in town more uniquely old-school St. Louis than Soulard. Took Janey there on Saturday for the first time since she was a baby, loaded up on cheap and awesome produce, had a cronut, and took in the sights.

Skating. Hit up MoFo with Jesse, Chris, Kenny and Brian for a couple hours yesterday, during a very welcomed dry spell between rainstorms. Hadn’t been there in awhile, and it’s a really fun spot when the crowd is small. Needless to say with that crew, much raging went down.

Cool stuff. Updated Splice app, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, 70-piece sticker haul, free prints from Shutterfly, Two of a Kind video, Super Squirrel, Tecate, fresh setup.

Mother’s day. Was lucky enough to get to spend it with my two favorite mothers, plus got some good brunch and dinner out of the deal. What more could you ask for?

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