Friday, May 15, 2015

may fifteenth

Five for May 15th:

The Who Live at Leeds. Tomorrow marks the 45th anniversary of the release of the greatest live album by any rock band in history (with the possible exception of Live After Death). Play it loud.

RIP BB. A lot of tributes pouring in for BB King today, but let us not overlook his best- and perhaps most enduring work.

Night brigade. Hit up the Deer Creek curbs for an evening skate session with Andy and Aaron last night. Total rager. Our new go-to spot, for sure.

Cool stuff. Mediterranean egg white sandwich, meeting Indy, getting paid, Neil Blender skateboarding hall of fame induction, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Assuming Lisa doesn’t go into labor: possibly working a bit at the office, Mary and Keith’s wedding party, Salad Days documentary at Webster, kicking it with Jane, whatever else creeps along.

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