Thursday, May 7, 2015

may seventh

Five for May 7th:

The definition of clueless. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the meeting where McDonald’s- a company concerned about their dwindling appeal and loss of market share- decided that the best thing to do to compete with the likes of Chipotle was to resurrect the fucking Hamburglar.

Backyardin’. Celebrated the return of our cleared driveway and newly-stained and useable deck with dinner outside followed by a Janey playmate with Manny, which succeeded in rendering her wholly exhausted at bedtime.

Skating rules. Met up with Andy and Rick at Deer Creek last night and skated curbs till well after the sun went down. Such an awesome spot- well lit, low traffic, no bust. The most fun I’ve had skating in a long time.

Cool stuff. New issue of Ride BMX in the mail, free D’Addario pen, Vernon’s with Seth and Tom, yogurt concretes at Mr. Lizard’s, freshly-vaccinated Schnoodle.

Tonight. Drinks at Bottleworks with a few of my old SLM partners in crime, all three of which I have seen barely if at all over span of the last three or four years. It’ll be cool to catch up.

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