Thursday, May 21, 2015

may twenty-first

Five for May 21st:

No baby yet. At this point, there’s a very real chance that my as-yet unborn son and my wife could actually end up sharing a birthday (tomorrow), which I think is pretty awesome. Let’s do this thing.

Skate sesh. Mellow last-minute Ramp Riders jam with Andy and Rick last night. Cool outside weather made for ideal indoor temperatures, and the raging was in full force.

Time flies. Remember when Harold Camping predicted that three years ago today, Jesus Christ was going to return to earth to take the righteous to heaven and cast everyone else into a five-month nightmare of fire, brimstone, and plague, killing millions each day, and culminating in the final destruction of the planet on October 21? That shit was funny.

Cool stuff. Bagels at work, almond milk bubble tea, Agent Orange at the Demo, bee life time-lapse, get your wings, Ranchito with Tom.

St. Louis 1875. I still remember stumbling upon a tattered copy of Pictorial St. Louis at the library on Hampton years ago and just sitting there for hours looking at it. Now it is being turned into a 6000 square foot exhibit the history museum. I’m glad to see this getting the attention it very rightfully deserves.

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