Friday, May 22, 2015

may twenty-second

Five for May 22nd:

Happy birthday Lisa. The happiest of birthdays to the most amazing person I know. Unquestionably the best wife, mother, and all-around person on the planet.

One year ago today. Jane was in her bracelet phase, we got pizza at Onesto, and I launched a marginally successful blog that I quickly lost interest in.

Ray Barbee. He’s finally on Instagram. And there was much rejoicing.

Cool stuff. Raspberry hibiscus tea, Jane’s first build-a-bear, I don’t want to grow up: the life and art of Jason Adams, Zack Gerber interview, morning curb crunch.

Weekend action. At this point we were pretty certain we’d have a new baby in the house, hence, weekend plans have not necessarily been made. If we have a baby this weekend, that’s what we’ll be doing. If not, who knows?

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