Thursday, June 11, 2015

june eleventh

Five for June 11th:

Pro tip. If you were invited to an event via Facebook but can't attend, simply just not going is a million times more preferable to the organizer than a post on the event page explaining why you won't be there. Take it from a guy who has done a lot of them. If you really feel like you have to quantify it, just send the person a message.

AV Club on Calvin & Hobbes. Calvin didn’t have trouble focusing on the world around him; he had trouble reconciling himself to the fact that the world around him was such a disappointment. The reason the strip appealed to people both young and old is because Calvin was feeling underwhelmed at a college graduate level.

Bachelor Brigade. This picture of Tony Hawk's bachelor party skate jam yesterday has been making the rounds, and is just 100% pure stoke. Makes me want to set my Hawk reissue up and take it out.

Cool stuff. Dennis Enarson/Pat Casey backyard jam, homemade chili, new double stroller, Aldi Larabars, afternoon BMX riding.

R.I.P. Christopher Lee. Bummer news. Tonight might call for a Lord of the Rings marathon. Or at least, half of “Fellowship of the Ring” before I fall asleep on the couch.

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