Friday, June 19, 2015

june nineteenth

Five for June 19th:

Jon Stewart on Charleston. There's a reason everyone is posting this today. Do yourself a favor and watch Jon Stewart once again perfectly, sadly articulate the reality of a completely heartbreaking and ultimately avoidable situation.

Baby George. Hard to believe my little dude will be a month old next week! Such a super sweet and amazing kid already. Lisa got his first documented smile photo yesterday, which I can’t stop looking at.

Old bones brigade. Hit up Ramp Riders last night for Andy’s birthday skate jam with a whole slew of dudes I haven’t seen in a month or more. Good times despite the fact that it was sweltering hot, completely packed, and I skated like crap.

Cool stuff. New issue of Ride BMX, hitting Ranchito, Let’s Go Skate! Powell Peralta Midwest tour video, Sumatra coffee at my desk, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Looks like the relentless rain of the past week is winding down tonight for a mostly sunny weekend. Activities include possibly looking at vans, Father’s day get-together with family, Go Skateboarding Day on Sunday, hacking my way through my overgrown lawn, and spending time with the crew.

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