Tuesday, June 9, 2015

june ninth

Five for June 9th:

Riding the abandoned Silverdome. Setting aside the fact that this is essentially just a giant glorified Red Bull advertisement, this is seriously has to be one of the most insane video edits ever. Unreal.

Kid garb. On Sunday Lisa said to me "you really need to get George a Thrasher onesie. You always said you were going to with Jane and you never did". How can I argue with that?

Flatland. Super fun, sweltering sundown session last night at the usual spot. Came closer to sticking boomerangs than I ever have before, but didn't quite roll away clean. Next time.

Cool stuff. George’s best night of sleep yet, new issue of Transworld Skateboarding, cheap water table for Jane, the Brooklyn skateboard collector and historian, Star Cops, Real GTA, afternoon cruise, salami sandwiches.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Clash, Servotron, Man or Astro-Man?, Dead Kennedys, Tilts, Los Straightjackets, Off!, Dillinger Four.

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