Wednesday, June 10, 2015

june tenth

Five for June 10th:

Shakespeare’s Pizza. Even though I never lived in CoMo, I spent plenty of time at Shakespeare’s over the years- it was the locale of quite a few date nights with Lisa early on in our relationship. Weird and sad to see it empty and gutted. You bastards better leave Booches alone.

Columbia House revisited. My friend Annie conducted an interview for Onion AV Club that is a must-read. Pound for pound some of best insight (and funniest quotes) on the demise of the recorded music industry ever compiled in one place.

McKinney cop resigns. Kinda bummed that he had the luxury of resigning of his own volition and not being summarily stripped of his badge and thrown out on the street, but this is a good start. So really all that's left is for him to be arrested and imprisoned for assaulting a minor and I guess we're good.

Cool stuff. Jane going to Circus Flora today, affordable Street Plant decks finally for sale, lunch with Tom/afternoon solo sesh, evenings on the back patio, Matt's real chocolate chip cookies, new set of mechanical pencils.

eBay Watch. The newest installment just went up and is chock full of amazing stuff, including an unreal G&S Neil Blender “faces” deck, a never before seen Brand X, and some pristine Zorlacs, amongst others. I could look at these all day.

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