Tuesday, June 30, 2015

june thirtieth

Five for June 30th:

So long June. Apparently this was the wettest St. Louis June in history, which definitely sounds right to me. Normally I love this month, but this one was kind of a bummer, at least in that respect.

Weird Al in St. Louis. This picture made my day.

Fourth of July. Plans for our second annual “watch the Forest Park fireworks from our front yard with a few friends and neighbors” party are coming together. Hopefully Jane can go the distance.

Cool stuff. Homemade vegetarian Buddha bowls, cheap 20” TIE fighter pilot, Bernie Sanders Makes History By Raising More Money Than Every GOP Presidential Candidate, Erik Elstran & Luc Legrand - Grand Belgrade Hotel, AC/DC finally coming to streaming services.

Tuesday soundtrack. Minor Threat, Dead Moon, Samhain, Husker Du, the Go-Go’s, International Noise Conspiracy, GBH.

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