Tuesday, June 23, 2015

june twenty-third

Five for June 23rd:

Webster Groves. They have a rad little slab-style skatepark at the rec plex next to the old Splash park that I completely forgot existed, and it’s literally 5 minutes from my house. Free and lit up in the evenings! Gotta hit it soon.

Ray Underhill. Powell is rolling out a reissue of the classic first Ray Underhill graphic- which would be awesome, but they have seemingly decided to stick it on a completely different shape than the original. Still pretty cool overall, but not really sure I understand the logic behind that decision.

Walmart. Apparently they are removing items promoting the Confederate flag from its stores and website, much to the chagrin of mouth-breathing, rascal-driving rednecks everywhere.

Cool stuff. Getting the front lawn mowed, playing with Jane at Clifton Park, pink paratrooper, lunchtime freestylin’, leftover pizza, Plan B: True and High Fidelity on Netflix.

Tuesday soundtrack. Ideal Free Distribution, Fox and the Law, Metallica, Black Hollies, Samhain, Deep Purple, Mushuganas.

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