Friday, July 24, 2015

july twenty-fourth

Five for July 24th:

To-do lists. You never realize how long they can really get until you have kids.

Hulk Hogan fired by the WWE. We’ll always have Ric Flair.

Night jamming. Shut down Webster skatepark with Andy and Rick last night, and in sharp contrast to our last trip, basically had the place to ourselves the majority of the time. Much raging went down, as would be expected.

Cool stuff. Werk donuts, Steadfast Die Last video, Riley Hawk day in the life, morning cartoons with Jane, Powell sixth series reissues article, why I deleted your band’s promo email, Ranchito carnitas.

Vacation beckons. Seeya on the flipside.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

july twenty-third

Five for July 23rd:

Tirestorm. The bad: the flat tire on the van already had 3 patches in it, so we had to fork over a bunch of money for two new back tires. The good: it was caught early and didn’t happen en route to Colorado, and I got a crash course in where all the tire-changing stuff in the van is located. At the end of the day, it was probably for the best- and I can still change a tire in less than seven minutes.

Live the high life. Shitty Beer Is the Best Beer, and Miller High Life Is Best of All. Amen. Although I’m more of a Tecate guy myself.

Last night. Swung by Schlafly Bottleworks to pick up our PSA and followed it up with dinner and drinks on the patio in the 77-degree, breezy July weather. Jane behaved, the food ruled, and Lisa got to get out of the house for a bit.

Cool stuff. Setting up the McGill, Explore the TWA Terminal, a Pristine Time Capsule From 1962, blackout curtains for the kids’ rooms, Skate Warehouse Daily Dose, Fork That!, lunch with Tom.

Pigletry. This windows paint-rendered jpeg of Danzig wearing a party hat that I've been posting on people's walls for two and a half years on their birthdays is more convincing than the editing job the Texas police attempted on that Sandra Bland arrest video.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

july twenty-second

Five for July 22nd:

Always something. Unexpected flat tire on the van today, which sucks- but better now than on the road out of town with a wild toddler and new baby in tow. Fingers crossed it’ll be a quick and easy patch-up.

On This Day. This Facebook feature is one of the only things Facebook has ever rolled out that I actually like.

Clifton Park. Full crew of friends and neighbors there last night enjoying the mild weather, and Jane even (sort of) rode her first two-wheeler!

Cool stuff. George at eight weeks, Jello Biafra eviscerating Tipper Gore on Oprah back in the eighties, AAA renewed, Veruca Salt at Ready Room.

Donald Trump campaign poster. Spread the word!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

june twenty-first

Five for July 21st:

Bloggery. Vacation is looming, and as is customary, when I go on vacation so does this thing. Follow me on Instagram if you must know.

Powell-Peralta. The new summer/fall catalog is online and looking killer. Highlights (for me) include reissues of the Ripper and the Skull & Sword on the ’89-era team shapes, some rad new Bones hoodies and OG Caballero dragon shirt.

Shredding. For some reason there were about fifteen people skating at Webster last night, which was the most I’ve seen there since it was Splash Skatepark. Still a good time with Andy, Rick and Brian despite the crowd.

Cool stuff. Doctor Jane, tuba player trolling a Klan parade rally, donuts at work, mild weather, little chubs.

Tuesday soundtrack. John Coltrane, Thin Lizzy, T Rex, Burning Brides, Red Fang, Mercyful Fate.

Monday, July 20, 2015

july twentieth

Five for July 20th:

Mary and Keith. Despite the crushing heat and humidity, Mary and Keith’s wedding was a total blast on Saturday night. The ceremony (featuring an excellent reading by Lisa) was great, we saw a ton of friends, ate some good food and threw some beanbags. Super happy for those guys.

High school reunion. My twenty-year PCH reunion also happened Saturday night, but of course I was unable to attend (see above). See you all in a decade, maybe.

Trump on McCain. To quote my friend Kevin: “I used to think he was just playing all this up for ratings and free publicity, but it really is starting to seem like he is for real a maniacal sociopath who needs serious mental health treatment.”

Cool stuff. Vacation on the horizon, new Dan’s Comp catalog, shop-vac’ing the basement, abandoned mid-century modern homes, hanging out with Brian, cheap McGill.

Skate and annoy. My first and only skate session of the weekend (last night) got rained about three minutes in. Naturally. Hopefully making it up tonight if it dries out.

Friday, July 17, 2015

july seventeenth

Five for July 17th:

Weird dreams. Last night was rife with ‘em. I blame the cheap Aldi wine and two-minute enchiladas.

Growing up quick. One second you’re up at two in the morning warming up bottles for your baby girl, and the next she’s a full-blown toddler who is enrolled in preschool, potty training, taking gymnastics classes and ordering you around.

Black Fast. Heading out on tour with Goatwhore in August. Definitely next level for those dudes, and they deserve it. Will for sure be checking out that show when it hits Fubar.

Cool stuff. Popcorn Friday, Toynami Shogun Warriors Godzilla reboot, new Mike Vallely interview, possible afternoon Webster session, Ben Raybourn Push episode 4.

Weekend action. Mary and Keith’s wedding, vacation prep, registering the van, hanging out with the goobs, skating somewhere, and trying to stay cool.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

july sixteenth

Five for July 16th:

The call of Cthulu. Sometimes the stars align and you end up behind the one guy in the state with the personalized “CTHULU” license plate.

Great minds. Jane’s creativity is really starting to show through, from crafting elaborate names and back-stories for her toys to building (with some help from dad) entire bristle-block towns to drawing increasingly recognizable characters with crayons and sidewalk chalk. The best.

Bernie Sanders. There’s still hope yet.

Cool stuff. New dual iPhone charger for the van, Clifton Park with Jane, skating to 3 Kings for a burger and a Pale Ale, big smiles from George, Golden Grahams.

Summer vacation 2015. Beyond psyched to get out of town for a bit. Will definitely be challenging than ever before with two (young) kids in tow, but hopefully the new van and assistance from Lisa’s family will help alleviate the potential stress.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

july fifteenth

Five for July 15th:

Pabst brewery in Milwaukee. We did a photo shoot there years ago when I was on tour with the GCs and all we could talk about was what a shame such an amazing facility was sitting unused. Apparently the people at PBR thought that too, because they’re moving back in.

John Oliver. Been catching up on a bunch of back-episodes of Last Week Tonight, and every one is better than the last. Best show out there right now that isn't Key and Peele.

Flatland. Rode some BMX on the fresh back driveway last night, and stuck a few (easy) tricks despite the fact that I was dripping sweat like I’d just gotten out of a pool. Good times.

Cool stuff. 75-degree day, morning railslides, Fozzietown, Trump tweets image of Nazi soldiers inside the U.S. flag, July photo dump.

Harper Lee. Apparently she has a new book coming out. I guess I'd always just sort of assumed she’d been dead for multiple decades. Whaddya know.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

july fourteenth

Five for July 14th:

Dent County, MO. I’ve come to notice that the same people who are always wailing on about how everything is too PC and about the pussification of America and how people are offended over everything these days are the first ones to try to pass laws and throw big public tantrums (like lowering the flag) because something offends them, even though it has exactly nothing to do with them. Case in point: Dent County, MO.

Around the house. Picked up a much-needed Shop Vac for our perpetually wet basement and was finally able to mow the overgrown lawn after the one-two punch of a week of soaking rain/getting our driveway re-sealed.

Fireworks. Attention, south St. Louis and surrounding communities: the fourth of July was ten days ago. Enough already.

Cool stuff. New Iron Maiden hoodie, late evening Webster sesh, Concrete Wave Steve Caballero interview, Indy/VSW stickers from Future Sk8, gooey butter cake at work, The Warriors on Netflix, Mac Sabbath.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Faction, Justice, Metallica, Danzig, Dave Brubeck, Servotron, The Sword, New Bomb Turks, Rezillos.

Monday, July 13, 2015

july thirteenth

Five for July 13th:

Tower Grove Park. Grabbed a cinnamon roll at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, caught some of Cassie Morgan’s set, and Jane got in a couple of swims in the fountain (another in the afternoon). The go-to south city summer spot for cheap fun.

Janey. We really kicked it into high gear trying to get her potty-trained with preschool on the horizon, and she made it all day yesterday (sans naps) in her undies with nary an accident. Super proud.

What’s that in Danzigs? The only measuring system you need in your life.

Cool stuff. Free pair of sunglasses, Fear the Walking Dead and Star Wars The Force Awakens behind-the-scenes Comic Con trailers, freshly asphalted driveway, Iron Maiden beers with Scott at Crow’s Nest, dinner with Jane and my mom.

Skateboarding. This weekend (and previous week) was almost completely skate-free, which sucked, but I did manage to get in a late evening solo skate at Webster last night that was super fun and much-needed.

Friday, July 10, 2015

july tenth

Five for July 10th:

Sesh bummer. Tried to sneak in some skating at Webster last night, but the park was overrun with bikers when I got there. Would’ve been fine at a bigger place like JB, but Webster is too small for that kind of potential-collision intermingling. Alas.

Good apples. I’m perhaps a little too excited about this fresh bag of giant Pink Ladies.

Confederate flag removal. Piece of shit Confederate flag to be taken down from South Carolina statehouse is unquestionably the best headline in history.

Cool stuff. Living in an era of rapid and distinct social change, getting paid, chocolate long johns, dinner on the deck, Kentucky governor tells county clerks: Do your jobs or get fired.

Weekend action. Chill one coming up. Tons of time with the family, taking full advantage of some (hopefully) clear weather, hitting some parks, Toy Show with Greg, Hell Night at the Demo, and a morning or evening skate/BMX jam in there somewhere.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

july ninth

Five for July 9th:

Fall in July. Between the nonstop rain and two days of temperatures in the mid-sixties, this has been the most unsummery summer ever. OK, I’m done talking about the weather.

Tony Hawk reissue. I call this setup “The Christmas ‘87”. All it needs is a tailbone, nosebone, and a pair of copers and she'll be ready to sit in the tool shed till dad finally sells it in a garage sale your sophomore year. So stoked on this thing.

Upcoming events. Toy show, Mary and Keith’s wedding, Veruca Salt at Ready Room, Colorado vacation, Pure Fun release parties in NY.

Cool stuff. Breakfast with Jane, stack of “skateboarding is not a crime” stickers and a couple of vintage tech deck keychains from Marc’s Board Shop, vintage Frankie Hill MTV Sports clip, salmon.

Required viewing. South Carolina Republican Jenny Horne gives impassioned speech against Confederate Flag, this comic will change the way you look at privilege, “OK, so what would convince you that racism is real?”.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

july eighth

Five for July 8th:

Read all about it. George’s birth announcement cards are being printed and will be going out soon. Lisa did an amazing job on it and I can’t wait for people to see them.

Then and now. Six years ago today (according to Facebook) I was having lunch with Jack White at City Diner. Today will be leftover red beans and rice at my desk. So it goes.

Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. It’s now on Netflix and- I assure you- is infinitely worse than you remember.

Cool stuff. Cheap Iron Maiden Somewhere Back in Time hoodie, fresh-ground Starbucks house blend, Agenda tradeshow pics on Instagram, Joe Kid on a Stingray on Youtube, Assault Mark Heintzman “ketchup” decks, South Park renewed through 2019.

Rain rain. Will this shit ever end? When do we get our summer? I’m beyond over this crap.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

july seventh

Five for July 7th:

Dad life. Jane apparently just told Lisa that one of her stuffed dogs is named Puppy Solution, and George has hit that six-week mark where he’s starting to do a bunch of cute baby stuff like grin at you and laugh and babble. Kids rule.

Have you seen him? Animal Chin sighting on the news yesterday morning. Or at least some choice Powell product placement.

Scott Breithaupt. RIP to the dude who helped make BMX a real legitimate thing. Bummer news.

Cool stuff. Free lunch at work, Donald Trump gets in Twitter war with Modern Family writer and is obliterated, Daredevil season 2 has begun shooting, red beans and rice.

Tuesday soundtrack. Greenhornes, Link Wray, Descendents, Youth of Today, Black Fast, Samiam, Thee Shams.

Monday, July 6, 2015

july sixth

Five for July 6th:

Carli Lloyd. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m some kind of soccer fan- I’m really not- but that midfield goal for a hat trick in a World Cup game was insane no matter how little your level of fandom.

House party. Hosted not one but two get-togethers over the weekend at the house- family on Friday, friends on Saturday. The Forest Park fireworks were fully visible from our front lawn and good times were had.

Skate or die. A couple of sessions over the weekend, including a super fun (and sweltering) afternoon at JB and a quick early evening at Webster followed by some curb-crunching at Deer Creek with Andy. I'll take it.

Cool stuff. The goofballs, new episode of Grosso’s Loveletters, Detroit then and now, Jane is signed up for gymnastics, cheap scratch & dent hot pink Tony Hawk reissue, gyros with Tom.

Kingshighway. The bridge comes down today, and along with it shall go St. Louis’ first true DIY skatepark. It was never my favorite spot, but I definitely had some good times there over the years, and it was always cool to open up a random copy of Thrasher and see it getting massacred by one road-tripping skate crew or another.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

july second

Five for July 2nd:

Del Mar Skate Ranch. A part of the banked slalom section of the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch- closed since 1987- was recently unearthed and skated by a slew of old locals including Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab and Dave Swift. No idea the story behind how or why exactly this all happened, but it’s awesome.

Smiling boy. Got George to bust out a few awesome grins for me for the first time ever this morning, hence my day was made before I even left the house.

Daredevil. Picked this show back up after a month or so off and have been getting massively into it. Starts a little slow but gets rad quick. Definitely worth a watch.

Cool stuff. New issue of Transworld Skateboarding, Scotty Cranmer Made For This video, ice cream date night with Jane, lunchtime roll-around, possible late-evening slate sesh tonight, Kanye West vs. Freddie Mercury, London graffiti battle, Carnitas.

Three-day weekend action. Yankee Racers farewell show, front yard fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights, skating/BMX riding, exchanging a propane tank, taking Jane to the park, and whatever else comes along.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

july first

Five for July 1st:

More rain. Another week coming up with at least a chance of rain every day. Trying not to let it bum me out, but I am officially sick of it.

Black churches are burning and no one seems to care. Obviously this goes without saying, but let's pretend that a week and a half ago, a black man walked into a church and murdered nine white churchgoers. Then let's pretend that a week and a half later, seven affluent white churches had been/were being burned to the ground. Would the media response be the same?

Mr. Wizard’s. Or Mr. Lizard’s, as Jane likes to call it. Hitting it up tonight for some long-promised chocolate/vanilla swirl cones with sprinkles.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp catalog, Portland pastor annihilates Christians who use religion to push bigotry, early morning cruise, turkey bacon and egg white sandwich.

Musty basement. Sometimes the solution you’re looking for is staring you right in the face.