Tuesday, July 14, 2015

july fourteenth

Five for July 14th:

Dent County, MO. I’ve come to notice that the same people who are always wailing on about how everything is too PC and about the pussification of America and how people are offended over everything these days are the first ones to try to pass laws and throw big public tantrums (like lowering the flag) because something offends them, even though it has exactly nothing to do with them. Case in point: Dent County, MO.

Around the house. Picked up a much-needed Shop Vac for our perpetually wet basement and was finally able to mow the overgrown lawn after the one-two punch of a week of soaking rain/getting our driveway re-sealed.

Fireworks. Attention, south St. Louis and surrounding communities: the fourth of July was ten days ago. Enough already.

Cool stuff. New Iron Maiden hoodie, late evening Webster sesh, Concrete Wave Steve Caballero interview, Indy/VSW stickers from Future Sk8, gooey butter cake at work, The Warriors on Netflix, Mac Sabbath.

Tuesday soundtrack. The Faction, Justice, Metallica, Danzig, Dave Brubeck, Servotron, The Sword, New Bomb Turks, Rezillos.

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