Thursday, July 9, 2015

july ninth

Five for July 9th:

Fall in July. Between the nonstop rain and two days of temperatures in the mid-sixties, this has been the most unsummery summer ever. OK, I’m done talking about the weather.

Tony Hawk reissue. I call this setup “The Christmas ‘87”. All it needs is a tailbone, nosebone, and a pair of copers and she'll be ready to sit in the tool shed till dad finally sells it in a garage sale your sophomore year. So stoked on this thing.

Upcoming events. Toy show, Mary and Keith’s wedding, Veruca Salt at Ready Room, Colorado vacation, Pure Fun release parties in NY.

Cool stuff. Breakfast with Jane, stack of “skateboarding is not a crime” stickers and a couple of vintage tech deck keychains from Marc’s Board Shop, vintage Frankie Hill MTV Sports clip, salmon.

Required viewing. South Carolina Republican Jenny Horne gives impassioned speech against Confederate Flag, this comic will change the way you look at privilege, “OK, so what would convince you that racism is real?”.

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