Thursday, July 2, 2015

july second

Five for July 2nd:

Del Mar Skate Ranch. A part of the banked slalom section of the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch- closed since 1987- was recently unearthed and skated by a slew of old locals including Tony Hawk, Kevin Staab and Dave Swift. No idea the story behind how or why exactly this all happened, but it’s awesome.

Smiling boy. Got George to bust out a few awesome grins for me for the first time ever this morning, hence my day was made before I even left the house.

Daredevil. Picked this show back up after a month or so off and have been getting massively into it. Starts a little slow but gets rad quick. Definitely worth a watch.

Cool stuff. New issue of Transworld Skateboarding, Scotty Cranmer Made For This video, ice cream date night with Jane, lunchtime roll-around, possible late-evening slate sesh tonight, Kanye West vs. Freddie Mercury, London graffiti battle, Carnitas.

Three-day weekend action. Yankee Racers farewell show, front yard fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights, skating/BMX riding, exchanging a propane tank, taking Jane to the park, and whatever else comes along.

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