Thursday, July 16, 2015

july sixteenth

Five for July 16th:

The call of Cthulu. Sometimes the stars align and you end up behind the one guy in the state with the personalized “CTHULU” license plate.

Great minds. Jane’s creativity is really starting to show through, from crafting elaborate names and back-stories for her toys to building (with some help from dad) entire bristle-block towns to drawing increasingly recognizable characters with crayons and sidewalk chalk. The best.

Bernie Sanders. There’s still hope yet.

Cool stuff. New dual iPhone charger for the van, Clifton Park with Jane, skating to 3 Kings for a burger and a Pale Ale, big smiles from George, Golden Grahams.

Summer vacation 2015. Beyond psyched to get out of town for a bit. Will definitely be challenging than ever before with two (young) kids in tow, but hopefully the new van and assistance from Lisa’s family will help alleviate the potential stress.

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