Friday, July 10, 2015

july tenth

Five for July 10th:

Sesh bummer. Tried to sneak in some skating at Webster last night, but the park was overrun with bikers when I got there. Would’ve been fine at a bigger place like JB, but Webster is too small for that kind of potential-collision intermingling. Alas.

Good apples. I’m perhaps a little too excited about this fresh bag of giant Pink Ladies.

Confederate flag removal. Piece of shit Confederate flag to be taken down from South Carolina statehouse is unquestionably the best headline in history.

Cool stuff. Living in an era of rapid and distinct social change, getting paid, chocolate long johns, dinner on the deck, Kentucky governor tells county clerks: Do your jobs or get fired.

Weekend action. Chill one coming up. Tons of time with the family, taking full advantage of some (hopefully) clear weather, hitting some parks, Toy Show with Greg, Hell Night at the Demo, and a morning or evening skate/BMX jam in there somewhere.

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