Monday, July 13, 2015

july thirteenth

Five for July 13th:

Tower Grove Park. Grabbed a cinnamon roll at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, caught some of Cassie Morgan’s set, and Jane got in a couple of swims in the fountain (another in the afternoon). The go-to south city summer spot for cheap fun.

Janey. We really kicked it into high gear trying to get her potty-trained with preschool on the horizon, and she made it all day yesterday (sans naps) in her undies with nary an accident. Super proud.

What’s that in Danzigs? The only measuring system you need in your life.

Cool stuff. Free pair of sunglasses, Fear the Walking Dead and Star Wars The Force Awakens behind-the-scenes Comic Con trailers, freshly asphalted driveway, Iron Maiden beers with Scott at Crow’s Nest, dinner with Jane and my mom.

Skateboarding. This weekend (and previous week) was almost completely skate-free, which sucked, but I did manage to get in a late evening solo skate at Webster last night that was super fun and much-needed.

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