Monday, July 20, 2015

july twentieth

Five for July 20th:

Mary and Keith. Despite the crushing heat and humidity, Mary and Keith’s wedding was a total blast on Saturday night. The ceremony (featuring an excellent reading by Lisa) was great, we saw a ton of friends, ate some good food and threw some beanbags. Super happy for those guys.

High school reunion. My twenty-year PCH reunion also happened Saturday night, but of course I was unable to attend (see above). See you all in a decade, maybe.

Trump on McCain. To quote my friend Kevin: “I used to think he was just playing all this up for ratings and free publicity, but it really is starting to seem like he is for real a maniacal sociopath who needs serious mental health treatment.”

Cool stuff. Vacation on the horizon, new Dan’s Comp catalog, shop-vac’ing the basement, abandoned mid-century modern homes, hanging out with Brian, cheap McGill.

Skate and annoy. My first and only skate session of the weekend (last night) got rained about three minutes in. Naturally. Hopefully making it up tonight if it dries out.

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