Tuesday, July 21, 2015

june twenty-first

Five for July 21st:

Bloggery. Vacation is looming, and as is customary, when I go on vacation so does this thing. Follow me on Instagram if you must know.

Powell-Peralta. The new summer/fall catalog is online and looking killer. Highlights (for me) include reissues of the Ripper and the Skull & Sword on the ’89-era team shapes, some rad new Bones hoodies and OG Caballero dragon shirt.

Shredding. For some reason there were about fifteen people skating at Webster last night, which was the most I’ve seen there since it was Splash Skatepark. Still a good time with Andy, Rick and Brian despite the crowd.

Cool stuff. Doctor Jane, tuba player trolling a Klan parade rally, donuts at work, mild weather, little chubs.

Tuesday soundtrack. John Coltrane, Thin Lizzy, T Rex, Burning Brides, Red Fang, Mercyful Fate.

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