Friday, August 14, 2015

august fourteenth

Five for August 14th:

Clifton Park movie night. Happening tomorrow. Come out, watch Ghostbusters, get some food truck grub and have a few drinks under the stars.

Pure Fun. The 25th anniversary issue of Pure Fun skate zine is available now! I am stoked to have contributed an article to this milestone issue- a personal recollection of the STL world premiere of the Powell Ban This video- along with some memorabilia I held on to from that night. Having a piece in a legendary skate zine with Lance Mountain on the cover and a Skatemater Tate flexi-disc was definitely not something I ever thought would happen, but life is funny like that. Go pick up a few copies.

New Maiden. The single for “Speed of Light” officially dropped this morning, the first new Iron Maiden material in half a decade. While it’s not blowing my mind, it’s a nice solid 5-minute metal romper- and better than anything on Final Frontier- so that’s a good start. Looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

Cool stuff. Republicans panic as Bernie Sanders files bill to make Election Day a national holiday, morning curb sesh, Spitfire adopts the Cardiel rail, ’88 Brian Blyther/Mike Dominguez interview, Pool’s Gold- Episode 1, steak burrito from Seoul Taco.

Weekend action. Movie night, mom’s birthday, Jane ice cream date, lawn care, skateboard riding, and general hanging-out related activities.

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