Tuesday, August 4, 2015

august fourth

Five for August 4th:

Summer vacation 2015. Spent the last nine-ish days in the mountains of Colorado (and the Holiday Inns of Kansas) with Lisa, Jane, George, and other family. Super fun and mostly-relaxing time filled with trail hiking, fishing, hanging out in various parks, riding go-karts, and eating awesome food. As with all vacations, it was over before it started. Alas. More pics on Instagram.

Back in the saddle. Digging back in at the office this morning, which isn’t much of a chore given all my work was for the most part done for me while I was out (thanks Denise!). Some coffee, donuts, and and a new CPU and we’re off.

Driving with kids. Note to self: minimize future attempts to do 1800 mile round-trip car trips with a 2.5 year old that can’t sit still/be quiet and a 2 month old that needs to nap constantly.

Cool stuff. Lawson Skatepark in Estes Park, Patrick Kelly - Have Fun, Ride Bikes, Chris Miller on Welcome, new issue of Thrasher, new Dan’s Comp catalog, Bob & Tony’s pizza, cheap Vision Jinx, Colorado koozie, Dale's Pale Ale, Van Doren Invitational footage.

Tuesday soundtrack. Danava, Hour 13, Pentagram, Black Fast, Husker Du, Youth of Today, Shiner, The Damned.

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