Monday, August 17, 2015

august seventeenth

Five for August 17th:

Facetime. When Jane is still snoozing in the mornings and I don’t get a chance to see her before I leave, I can always count on a Facetime call to brighten things up. The wonders of modern technology.

Darkness falls. That dreaded time of year where it’s starting to get noticeably darker noticeably earlier is upon us. A few weeks ago I’d be able to put Jane to bed at 7:30, go outside and mow the front and back lawns and still have daylight to spare. Last night I barely finished the front before I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.

Movie night. The second annual Friends of Clifton Park movie night was a smashing success, with well over 200 people in attendance and rad food from the Yemanja Brasil and Brazzies food trucks, respectively. Super proud of Lisa and her team for putting it together and pulling it off.

Cool stuff. Cheap Converse skate shoes, Jane’s big-girl bed, Thai birthday dinner for Mom with the crew, Assault HMC guest boards, new issue of Ride BMX.
Skating. Mellow struggle sesh at JB on Sunday with Brian and a few others. Got some tricks in and bailed before I keeled over from heat exhaustion. Possible Webster roll-around tonight.

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