Thursday, August 6, 2015

august sixth

Five for August 6th:

Smoked out. Send some good vibes my mom’s way: a week after she was more or less forced out of her place for two days due to a power outage, yesterday afternoon her building actually caught fire. Hoping we can get everything squared away and get her back in there soon. What a massive bummer.

Pure Fun. The 25th anniversary issue- to which I am very much honored to have contributed an article- is coming out this weekend with a three-day series of accompanying events, including a skate jam and a movie night with Mike V. If you live anywhere within 200 miles of Lockport and you miss this then don’t bother calling yourself a skateboarder.

Holes in my shoes. All of them.

Cool stuff. Jon Stewart’s send-off from Louis C.K., crumb cake, 4 Skateboarding Events the Olympics Can Have, summer lager, Dan Lacey Above Below part.

Tonight. Webster Groves sunset sesh with Andy and whoever else trickles out of the woodwork.

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