Monday, August 31, 2015

august thirty-first

Five for August 31st:

This year is flying by. I seriously cannot believe tomorrow is already September. Summer is fading fast. At least my birthday is in there.

Weekend grub. Summer omelet and pancakes at Chris’, baseball cap sundaes at Ted Drewes, sno-cones at Deer Creek park, homemade meatloaf.

Skating. Super fun Saturday session at JB with Andy and Brian. After skating Webster so much lately, that place is like a breath of fresh air. Added bonus of low crowds due to the increased popularity of Morganford.

Cool stuff. New set of Spitfire 53mm Formula Fours, Tronald Dump, Rich D back at SLM, new Thrasher shirt, Mike V Ride Channel interview, Lost in Transition teaser.

Werk. The busiest I’ve ever been at the day job these last few weeks. Pros: time flies, more money. Cons: high stress, loss of sanity. Ahwell.

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