Wednesday, August 12, 2015

august twelfth

Five for August 12th:

First day of 36th grade. Three years later and this is still the greatest thing ever posted on Facebook.

Henry. He had gotten to a point of shagginess rarely reached, so a trip to the groomer was a must. Looking sharp and feeling like a new Schnoodle.

Business dinner. Mi Ranchito tonight after work with some coworkers and the rep from Martin strings. Tecate with a lime and carnitas in t-minus 6.5 hours.

Cool stuff. Quality morning George time, Lost in Translation: Casey Smith, 8 Reasons Skateboarding Will Never Turn Into Baseball (or Any Other Sport), Mark Gonzales on Tim O'Connor Podcast, donuts at work, Death or Glory: Iron Maiden interviewed.

Facebook. Deleted the FB app off my iPhone a couple of weeks ago and haven’t missed it at all. If I need to check it from my phone I just pull it up in Safari and it’s basically exactly the same. A completely redundant waste of precious storage.

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