Friday, August 21, 2015

august twenty-first

Five for August 21st:

Janey quote of the day. "I bought this fish bib for you at the liquor store."

Riding BMX. Fun flatland session in some U-City church parking lot yesterday afternoon. Almost stuck a couple of boomerangs but couldn’t quite keep the momentum on them. Thought it was a bust when a cop pulled up, but he was cool and just said “you’re good”, and parked his car to eat some lunch..

Dear Spotify. What sort of warped, alternate universe are you living in where you think anyone wants- or will even be remotely cool with this shit? The cognitive dissonance that these companies develop after long enough is astounding.

Cool stuff. Getting paid, work coffee resupply, Goonies house shut down after owner gets sick of people doing the Truffle Shuffle on the lawn, Sean Burns Hell Ride, Lester Kasai interview, popcorn Friday, the Sword at Ready Room.

Weekend action. T-shirt retrieving, bike selling, e-drum repairing, new lawnmower buying, farmer’s market attending, skatepark hitting, kid hanging-out-withing.

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