Monday, August 24, 2015

august twenty-fourth

Five for August 24th:

Cleaning house. Got a ton of stuff out of the basement this weekend: a musty old couch, broken treadmill, and a couple of barstools to the curb for big trash pickup, and I sold an old Huffy BMX I had sitting down there for eighty bucks. Feels awesome to lighten the load a bit.

Hulu Plus. Canceling it as soon as I’m caught up on South Park. Sorry, but there is no scenario where I’ll be paying $7.99 a month (or any price) for a streaming video service where I’m inundated with ads. Not having to deal with ads is sort of the whole point.

Adventure squad. Lots of good times with Jane yesterday, including a nature walk around the neighborhood, trip to Ted Drewes for baseball cap sundaes, a stop at Clifton Park, and capped it off with some soccer in the backyard. That kid rules.

Cool stuff. New skateshop open in Maplewood, King Shit Jeff Grosso interview, Haro raglan ’86 jersey, new lawnmower, homemade breakfast pizza & bruschetta burgers, Abandoned factory in Detroit home to $1m worth of collectable sports cards.

Drum fixin’. Thanks to Brian for once again repairing the cymbal on my cheap-ass electronic drum kit for the infinitely reasonable cost of ten bucks and a Snickers. Time to jam some Master of Puppets.

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