Thursday, September 24, 2015

september twenty-fourth

Five for September 24th:

Last night. While Lisa was taking care of business with her first (very successful) online R+F event, I was falling asleep at on the couch watching Hogan’s Heroes at 8 pm. A good balance of success and sloth.

Label Kills. Jason Adams is back on Black Label after a couple of years on Elephant and a (very short) stint on Thee Teenaged, which I am not sure is even still a thing. All is right with the skate world once again.

This (work) week. Ready for it to be over, done with, never to return.

Cool stuff. Watch The Warriors Recreate Their Last Subway Ride Home, Steve Caballero Pro-Tec interview, Seoul Taco with Tom, The twenty most progressive signature BMX frames, crock pot pulled pork.

CHP. Post-dinner walk to the park with Jane (and Yoda) for a half hour or so of climbing, swinging, and balance-bike riding with pretty much every other neighborhood kid. Always a good way to close out a work day.

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