Friday, September 18, 2015

september eighteenth

Five for September 18th:

Happy birthday Josh. My little brother, who as far as I’m concerned is still 8 years old, turns 35 today. Life is weird sometimes.

Required reading. Dissolve The United States, Court Affirms Your Right To Scrawl "Fuck Your Shitty Town" On Speeding Tickets Received In Shitty Towns, Irving Police Chief Admits Cops Knew Ahmed Mohamed Didn’t Have a Bomb But They Arrested Him Anyway, 9/11 responders bill defeated by Senate GOP filibuster.

Denise’s last day. Massive pot luck at work to celebrate/send off the coolest boss and co-worker anyone has ever had anywhere. It surely won’t ever be the same again around here.

Cool stuff. New episode of South Park, morning curbslides, AC/DC on Spotify, Ikea friends and family pass, getting paid, Is Agent Smith really The One in 'The Matrix' trilogy?

Weekend action. Hell Night at Firebird, apple picking at Eckerts, hanging out with Jason and crew, skate session or two, lawn care, quality time with the kid brigade.

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