Tuesday, September 8, 2015

september eighth

Five for September 8th:

Big girl. Janey had her preschool orientation today and will be officially starting this week, albeit on a part-time basis. I cannot get over how quickly she’s growing up.

3-day weekend. Fun one. Highlights included drinks and Strange Donuts on the back porch with Mary and Keith, Turtle Park and Mr. Lizard’s with the kiddo, early morning solo skate sesh at JB, hitting up Tower Grove, and soaking in the (unofficial) last weekend of summer.

Self-control. I seriously had to battle back the urge to pick up the insane 48” Star Wars Darth Vader from Target over the weekend. The only reason I didn’t is because there is literally no practical place to put it- and I don't need more useless crap cluttering my life. That said, I may have to go back for one of the cheaper (but equally awesome) 31” First Order Stormtroopers.

Cool stuff. George is rolling over, Lost in Transition: Skate Zone, Lucky’s Market, new (free) sunglasses, Hosoi Hammerhead, From Malaga to Gran Canaria, new pack of mechanical pencils, Seinfeld on Hulu.

Tuesday soundtrack. Iron Maiden, ALL, Reagan Youth, 7 Seconds, Van Halen, Motorhead, The Smiths, McRad, The Sword.

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