Tuesday, September 1, 2015

september first

Five for September 1st:

September. Highlights will include a new Iron Maiden double album, Jane starting preschool, Lisa’s R+F launch party, and my 38th (wtf) birthday. Should be a fun one.

Crippled by drizzle. This city needs to grasp how to drive with a tenth of an inch of water on the ground. Every conceivable route home last night was backed up a mile because the roads were wet. It’s really not that difficult.

Fear the Walking Dead. One episode in and it definitely lives up to the hype. Ominous and foreboding without going over the top. Stoked for more.

Cool stuff. Asiago bagel, unsolicited Haro stickers in the mail, Uncontainable: behind the scenes, Under the Influence- Riding Opposite, part 1, root beer.

Tuesday soundtrack. Mutoid Man, Blind Faith, Dio, the Hives, Shadows of Knight, Devo. Mushuganas, the Who, Naked Raygun.

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